Ardour for live keyboard player?

Is there anybody out there who either uses - or thought about using - Ardour as a live keyboard, hence, use a MIDI-keyboard to then have Ardour do the sound generation using MIDI-plugins (sfizz, dexed, Helm, etc.).

I know, keyboard players exist, who go the so called VST-way, often using an iPad as a sound-generation device.

What about Ardour?

If you literally just want to play a single plugin via an external MIDI keyboard, there are standalone plugin hosts that will do the job, with slightly less CPU load than Ardour would.

For most plugins, the difference won’t make a difference, but you might prefer the somewhat less cluttered interface.

I’m actuality talking about keyboard synthesizer workstations like Korg Kronos.
16 instruments simultaneously, keyboard splits…

Dunno if you’re on Linux, but if so, you might be interested in Konfyt for this usecase:

Konfyt Documentation — Konfyt 1.6.0 documentation


I am on Linux and this sounds quite interesting, however, I had my experiences with linuxsampler and I just don’t think I ever want to touch this again.
License issues, build issues and so on.
Something like Konfyt in front of an Ardour session making use of Ardour’s LV2, VST instruments and effects is actually what I had in mind.
Unfortunately, Konfyt is .DEB only no installable versions that one could give a test drive.
But thanks for that hint.

Carla? KXStudio : Applications : Carla

Using a DAW for this seems like overkill.

As Ardour started moving into the live-character mode with introducing cues, why not making a keyboard workstation out of it?

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Keyboard workstations are an entirely different beast.

I didn’t mean Ardour should develop in such a way, however, creating a keyboard centric frontend and putting it in front of a headless Ardour session, is something I could very well imagine.

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You could do this as a browser interface with our existing websocket support.

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Understood: I’m not a big LS fan either. Konfyt can be run using Carla rather than LinuxSampler as its sound engine.

Ths Konfyt Github repo has .deb, .tar.gz, and .zip artifacts for each release, and the build requirements / process are documented.

.tar.gz and .zip are source-code only.

My pointer to the build requirements and process docs might be read as an indication that I know that the tarballs consist of source code.


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