Ardour for blind users?

Hello all,

My good friend is a very talented pianist and composer. He can not see. For the past few years, he has been using a software package called LilyPond via emacspeak on his linux machine to compose his pieces. He is very comfortable with typing and uses emacspeak as an interface to enter and read text from the computer.

We want to develop a solution for producing music, that would also employ textual input. While he and I might work together, the real objective here is to find a way that he can work alone, and would not need for me or anyone else to execute the operation that my friend desires, on the computer. Our musical concept is electronic music with multiple sounds playing simultaneously. Deep House (drums & percussion, bass, keyboard tracks, etc.) is an example, although we really don’t know what we will end up creating! Again, another limitation is the operating system - Linux. Another good friend who is a CSound expert has said that it could be good for experimentation and could give some freedom in the creation of sound clips, but it might be difficult to compose multi-layered electronic music, as a program like Live is capable of doing. So, we are still trying to find a better solution. (Note: for those familiar with CSound we are using it in conjunction with Score11, which allows for less tedious input into CSound.)

I am not familiar really with Ardour, and although I did a bunch of googling about Ardour with emacs or emacspeak, I couldn’t find much information except for one package called ksi - so, I thought I would ask you all here if Ardour could work to solve this problem. I know of SuperCollider or chuck, as well, but don’t know much about how they could help out, either. If anyone here can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you so much for the helpful post - all of the links proved to be very useful!


Take a look here:

that guide is a little bit outdated… maybe you could contact the author of it: julienATc-labDOTde



Good luck!