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Apologies as I wasn’t sure where to put this comment, feel free to move it to the appropriate place, or direct me where to post.

I received this email recently ( I have Stared **** things which I think might not be the best to post on the internet)

hello Luke D**,

Linux Audio Systems has suspended your automatic payments. Contact Linux Audio Systems for more details or to reactivate your payments.

Here are the details:
To: Linux Audio Systems
Payment for: Ardour Financial Support
Automatic payment ID: ***************
Customer service URL:
Customer service email:

I have emailed asking about how I can continue my payments (ardour subscription of $10 a month) as it was simply that I didn’t have any money in my account at the time and I wasn’t notified that they needed the money, I only found at with this email when the had already suspended it.

So can anyone direct me in the right direction to continue my subscription and support of this awesome DAW


  • Luke

@stanlea: there are some issues with this right now; i’m working on resolving them. i sent email to everyone that i knew was affected, but may have missed a few.

As long as my subscription runs, not being welcomed by a “thank you stanlea” is not a big issue.

I have always my subscription running, but this doesn’t show in my profile… normal ?

Can’t figure out how to restart the subscription, but I have emailed paypal. Thanks for your help allank.

It’s a paypal thing… just restart the subscription… happened to me once in the past.

Beware of the dark side…

Well Paypal have offered no advice on how to de-suspend my account, other than to contact Linux Audio systems which I already have done with no response. :frowning:

@eclectic eye: we/i have absolutely no control over subscriptions. they are agreements entered into between you and PayPal, not you and me/linux audio systems. As allank noted, the only approach to this sort of idiocy by PayPal is to just sign up for a new subscription.

Thanks Paul,

I misunderstood allank, I thought there was a way to renew/continue the subscription, not start again. If I start a new one, you guys have a log of what I have paid already? ( I think I’ve only made the 1 payment of $10 anyway) but I usually have very little money, so it is likely to happen again


  • Luke

I got the same problem when setting a new expire time for my card when the previous went out. After that I’m not able to do recurring payments but single payments (as in donations) works.

I guess that an email to Paypal support is the next thing to do.