Ardour file viewer

Hi all,

I can’t seem to find a way to view my samples in a file viewer inside Ardour. I have to import them to the Region list and then drag them into a track and then play to hear it and repeat, if I don’t want to use that sample.
There must be a better way to do this?

I spent some time trying to find out how, but I haven’t found out…

You can audition audio and MIDI files in the Import Dialog. Menu > Session > Import
see also

Granted it’s not a great sample-browser, but it’s fine to listen to files beforehand.

Hi Robin,

I see, thanks. But it is still fairly cumbersome to find a just the right sample, because I have to press play to play each sample and it does not play the file automatically when a new sample is selected.

I’m thinking something like what we see in LMMS, where there is a dedicated sample browser
and selection of a file automatically plays it.

Does this feature not exist in Ardour?

Perhaps it is something to put on the feature request?


How do I time stretch a sample? I tried to use the stretch tool, but it doesn’t seem to work.

And how can I move a created track up or down to keep same type sounds grouped?

See the little “auto-play” button just to the right of the “play” button? Click it, and Ardour will play automatically when you select a file.

The TimeFX tool does work. Thousands of people have used it.

You cannot drag tracks around in the main editor. Make sure that View > Show Editor Lists is enabled, then go to the “Tracks & Busses” tabs of the editor lists on the right hand side of the editor. You can drag-n-drop them there. You can also select one or more tracks and move it up or down using a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down (Linux/Windows) Cmd-Up/Cmd-Down (macOS).

Aah yes, I must be getting blind :slight_smile:
Thank you Paul, I would like to thank you for making this software. I have become a monthly donator, we need more great software like this on Linux.

When you say TimeFX, I assume you don’t mean the Stretch-mode from the edit menu?
Sorry for my ignorance, I’m still new to Ardour.

Here’s how the Stretch tool works:

In the manual, TimeFX is used as another name for the stretch tool in at least one place.

Thank you very much, Thomas.

That is the tool I used, but it didn’t do much. I’ll give it another try.

OK, I got it working, I had to make the sample smaller first and then make it larger for it to work.