ardour + ffado trunk + jackdmp + tc_electronic konnekt 24D DROPING OUT


I’ve installed correctly ardour and all the stuff above…
Jack connects, the blue light comes alive and i’m able to record, mix, and hear anything.

The problem is that i’m experiencing a lot of latency and drop-outs (even using 1024 buffer size…) There’s no way to work like this !

What should i look for ? Does anyone have an idea, or have experienced it too ?

thanks a lot

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What type of sound card are you running?
If you are using RT kernel configure jack to run as RT mode as well also make sure that you set the your /etc/security/limits.conf file should have something similar to this:

@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock 500000
@audio - nice -10

Rony P.

the “nice” entry is not required. this is a mistake that has been propagated online by people who don’t know what they are talking about (not referring to you rpatros). its very unfortunate that it has spread so far and wide.

Paul thank you for the reply. I am still a newbie but still learning Ardour and, true the renice values should have no effect to this. The xruns I doubt are being caused by Ardour but rather Jack and the sound card in use.

Keep up the great work Paul.

Rony P.

thanks for the knowledge !

i’ve already tryed it before, but i was using ubuntu “under” a windows XP installation. Now i don’t use it anymore (i’m full of windows…)

i had i a lot of headache working on this soundcard to work with ffado and jack. the tc electronic doesn’t give all the information to the ffado guys, so it’s a little bit complicated yet.

forte abraço, greetings from brasil

felipe castro