Ardour fails to draw waveform

I just recorded a track, which seemed fine, then moved it in the mixer window. After that, only half the stereo signal was visibly drawn. At first, I thought Ardour had failed to record a full stereo signal even though I could see the stereo input in the meter. So I recorded the track again, and saw no signal was drawn afterward. On a hunch, I made sure the project was saved, quit, and restarted Ardour. I then saw the full stereo signal drawn in the track.

Does Ardour have any known issues drawing tracks? The version I’m using is 2.8.11, revision 7797.

Yes I’ve had this issue myself, mostly when recording stereo tracks (which I don’t do much), closing and reopening ardour fixes this issue.

Related to bug report no 0003465

During a serious record session, closing & reopening Ardour is rather inconvenient , as the issue surfaces often in the subsequent recordings. An alternate workaround is split the particular region at anywhere and do UNDO.