ardour export session convert files... help!

I was as user on linux, and have purchaed Aroudr for OSX, and love it… but…

right now i’m trying to send files to someone with Logic Pro (9.1.1) and he can’t import any of my files. so…

anyone know the sox command line or how to convert a 48k 32bit Ardour recorded wav file into something that Logic will take? I’m guessing it just needs to be 24bit… or a bwf… aiff…

Thanks for any help…


@shamusgraham: what options did you choose for the export?

@shamusgraham: I am going to guess that you picked 32 bit float format - there is no widespread agreement between different audio software on the nature of these files. If you use 24 bit integer I am 99.98% certain that Logic will have no problem with the export from Ardour. Do not use AIFF for this.

Thanks for the reply Paul! sorry for the lateness on my part… i didn’t get the message in my inbox.

yep… sure did pick 32bit for the native format. I could ‘individual track export’… but, i was trying to get around that. 12 songs, 8-24 tracks each, it will not be fun… but if that is the only option. Ardour/JACK have been acting up as well… not really the stability i had on my Linux box. but great work! non the less…

Are Ardour files stored in BWF or some other ‘timestamp-ish’ format?

I understand that most of my issues are with Logic… and that’s not Ardour’s fault… just wish there were a way to get around this…


@shamusgraham: the format used by Ardour is under user control. The default is WAV, 32 bit float. You can change to this to any header format supported by Ardour and any bit depth/sample format. See the Options menu for details.

I’m in the same situation. We’re recording a demo and the recording studio uses Logic. I’ll record my tracks on my own with ardour and give them to them. They weren’t very happy I was recording the tracks myself to save money and time to the rest of the band, so I’d like this process to go as smoothly as it can be.

Following the instructions in this thread I’ve already set the export to 24-bit integer. The studio gave me the aiff files of the drum+bass tracks.

Is it possible to import/export the tempo timestamps of the tracks? I know that aiff is the os x proprietary format and that they are to blame, but still, maybe ardour could read them.

Simliarwise, is it possible to save the tempo timestamps on export? My guess is that they will be able to match them anyway since the start point will be at the same spot, but well, if it happens magically for them that be even better.

Are there any other things I should consider? I’ve already set the ardour session to the same bitrate and frequency.

Audio files do not have tempo.

If you want timestamps (which have nothing to do with tempo), then use a file format that supports timestamps, such as Broadcast WAVE which Ardour and most other DAWs fully support. This has nothing to do with the data format.

Ardour will happily import (and export) AIFF files but may ignore many different kinds of chunks found inside them (obviously not the data chunk, since that contains the actual audio). There’s no standard for timestamps in AIFF or most other file formats except BWAV.

Timestamps, thanks for the correction.

There’s no timestamp chunk standard for AIFF? That’s sad. I guess I’ll export BWF and let’s hope the import sync goes smooth.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your great DAW witch is really an amazing tool.
I have a little problem with export too. I can’t export my work in a sampling frequency 24bit 176400 ( native format of the record ), the format doesn’t exist in the preset export, and when I select session rate i have got a warning message : “illegal value loaded for N6ardour16exportFormatBase10SampleRateE (176400) SR_none_use instead” and then my file was to 88200 ? The export in 192000 works fine but it makes a conversion that i don’t wish.

It’s not a big problem for me, i work rarely in this resolution, but it could be annoying for other users ?

Thanks for the reply,

best regards