Ardour export LUFS normalization

When using the export normalization feature and when using the LUFS, after I do a mix and I set it to -14 LUFS it will adjust to that level automatically on the export.

for example I have a plugin called ozone 9 elements and it has a feature where if I set a LUFS it will automatically adjust the threshold to get the audio in that LUFS automatically.

Does ardour do this type of thing in the export.

It is optional, but yes, Ardour has that feature. Ardour also has named presets for exports so you do not have to look up the LUFS loudness targets for various uses, for example a preset that uses the correct loudness target recommended by YouTube.

I’m new to professional audio and I don’t know much about mastering. I usually go to masteringbox ou a similar website to make a quick master a -14 LUFS.

Can the export presets provided by Ardour replace that method?

Yes, there is a “Streaming” preset that exports four files in one go:

  • Soundcloud/Spotify (-11 LUFS, -1 dBTP)
  • Youtube/Deezer (-14 LUFS, -1 dBTP)
  • Apple Music (-16 LUFS, -1 dBTP)
  • Amazon Music (-14 LUSF, -2 dBTP)

or you can pick any of the given profiles directly as export format.

PS. This is a new feature in Ardour 6.8


Thank you Robin! Ardour is such an amazing tool.

Ya it just realized that it can do this type of thing. Really cool hidden feature

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