Ardour, equipment and engineer wanted for SF, LA, Vegas live gigs May 28, 29, 30

I have good problem to have… I have a Nicaraguan buddy coming to San Francisco, Ca on the 28th, Los Angeles, Ca, on the 29th, and Las Vegas on the 30th. He’s got a 10 piece band, (about 18 mics/line ins) and does all sorts of great samba/salsa stuff.

He’s asked me to record his gigs, with ardour. I’m currently in LA, trying to arrange for 24 tracks worth of gear for the 29th, which I think I can do, but haven’t fully nailed down yet.

I figure if I can record 2 out of 3 dates, I’ve got a killer record on my hands that I can mix when I get back to Nicaragua, and I’d prefer to do the whole thing in ardour. I can line up someone with protools or prologic for the SF date, but I’d rather go for pure ardour throughout.

He didn’t tell me he was doing these gigs until a week ago. !@#!@

Now, I’d actually like to do an audiophile 96khz or higher recording as well, as I do some work for a certain high end audio company that I cannot mention that would totally dig that. So, 18 tracks, 96khz or higher…

I can pay for the time, and even loan some gear out to an ardour-experienced engineer that has a fast enough computer and can get to the Las Vegas gig, so I just need contacts…

So anyway, the band is called “Los Nuevos Panzers”. They do a lot of salsa/samba/cambio stuff that nobody outside of Nicaragua has ever heard. It’s intensely dancible…

Some details on the gigs:

And some (mostly 3-5 year old) youtube as to the kind of crazy latin american music they do is at:

Obviously I’m laying this on fast, so I can be reached at 1-408-464-8674 on my US cell phone, or via this forum. (I’ll also post the the ardour-users mailing list in a few minutes)


Keep me in mind for future productions. I’m living an equal amount of time in each of Minnesota and California. I’ve been producing in the studio and doing live work since 1984.

I did a two week corporate audio/video job in San Francisco during May and June. During April and early May I produced a 12 song Afro Cuban Jazz Fusion album for a client who traveled from Las Vegas to MPLS. I’d say we’ve been paralellalyzing or some such thing.

The first time I packed up my studio along with a split snake and produced a live album with multi cam video using Ardour was long before version 1.0. Jack might not have even been split out of Ardour back then. I can’t recall.

Ron Parker
Mirror Image Studio
rtp405 @ yahoo dot com

I’m in LA and can record 96/24. Unfortunately, I only have 8 mic/line inputs on my ADC. Maybe if there’s someone else in the area with similar gear we could do 8+8 and you could sync the tracks later.