Ardour drum machine with Maschine (Linux)

Hello everyone!

I’m here asking about using my Maschine MIDI controller with Ardour.

Is there a drum machine in which my Maschine can control?

I’ve never really used a DAW, only Hydrogen and the Maschine software.

I know it sucks to see someone join your forum, ask a question, get an answer and run off. I hope to have time to stay active in this community.

Assuming maschine is a generic midi controller, you can control ardour or a separate drum machine app with it. If you use only ardour you can add drums as midi instruments (using sound font drum kits via fluidsynth plugin for example), or a specialised drum instrument plugin. Or you can use hydrogen or another drum machine app separately and connect it to ardour via jack and ladish.

See also my recent forum post on ways of connecting hydrogen to ardour.

Thanks for the answer samtuke. Much appreciated, I will be sure to check that out.