Ardour don't see synthesizers on Fedora 33

Hi Ardour community. I’m on Fedora 33 on GNOME. I have a problem with virtual synthesizers. Ardour don’t see them and I don’t know what to do with it. I installed Ardour from application center of Fedora because can’t install it via command dnf. Also can’t delete it via command yum.

Ardour can see only 2 plugins: helm and geon kick. I tried to install zynaddsubfx, odin2, bristol, amsynth but haven’t a result.

Can you help?

Those are standalone applications, not plugins that can be loaded in a DAW.

On GNU/Linux, Ardour 6 can load LV2, VSTi and VST3 instrument plugins.

Ok, but what I need to do with zyn-fusion and odin2?

were any of these packages you installed flatpack, snap or other sandbox type package? Seems to me fedora is real big on these things. If so file a bug against the package… Ardour, and audio plugins should not be sandbox packages… one sand box can’t see the next.

I kinda solve the problem via installing odin2 from official website and zynaddsubfx via command dnf install zynaddsubfx-lv2. In first time I have installed standalone zyn. But my zynaddsubfx now starts with gray window and that’s all. And the window is like old zynaddsubfx UI design.

What I need to do to fix it and how I can download new UI design for zyn?

The zyn packaged with fedora is not build with the zyn fusion ui because of bundled libraries which is not allowed, see

Help would be needed to fix that, if anyone would like to volunteer time

Ok, but what I need to do with zyn that launching without any UI, just gray window? When I playing note he makes a sound and I can choose presets, but can’t change anything in it.

You can try Yoshimi

It’s a fork of ZynAddSubFX

It’s working. Thank you

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