Ardour doesn't see plugins

Hi everyone I’m new in Ardour and I’ve been trying to use it but i cannot see the plungins I have installed on my computer. The plugins (whose I intalled throug apt-get) are in the folder /usr/lib/ladspa, and I read on this page that the app should recognize them from that folder. Although when i right-click on the “a” button of a track, the sumenu “Plugins” is empty.
Thanks for reading me, and sorry for my bad english. Thanks

I’m not sure if it works if you right-click on the “a”. That’s the automation button. You should click on the pre- or post-fader region :

What output do you get if you open a terminal window and run “ls -la /usr/lib/ladspa” ? You also should try starting Ardour from the terminal and see if you get any error messages regarding LADSPA

You need to go to the Mixer window and right click in the empty black rectangle either below or above the fader (perhaps this needs a label such as ‘plugins’ since its not immediately obvious that this is where you need to click…)