Ardour Doesn't Record from M-Audio Fast Track

I’m trying to record stuff from a M-Audio FastTrack USB device, but for some reason I can’t record using Ardour.
However, I’m able to record using Audacity. Audacity is too simple and I need to get it working with Ardour.
Can someone please help? I’m completely new to Ardour, JACK, Alsa, and Linux.

I’ve chosen The USB device in the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog box’s Device tab, however, Advanced tab still shows the default device.
Am I supposed to do anything in QJackCtl?


I just noticed that even Audacity doesn’t record from the USB device

That should start jack using your audio interface.

you could try changing it in qjackctl and start jack from there. that way you will know if jack its actually starting with the usb device or erroring out.

When you are recording you can also check that the inputs are actually connected to the tracks in ardour, sometimes it doesnt always connect the right inputs.

Yeah I just realized the problem was that the wrong input was connected to Ardour. I think I should have started reading about JACK before starting with Ardour.

Thanks veda_sticks for your help. Your comment helped me out and so did this
Hope this helps anyone with the same problem in the future!