Ardour doesn't recognize me Jack

Hi, I use Ardour 6. When I start/open a project in the Audio System options only appear ALSA and none(dummy)

I would like to know if anyone has faced this issue and how to solve it (the thing is that I want to use sooperlooper at the same time and SL only woks with Jack).

Thanks in advance.

Where did you get ardour from? If from, we can help further. If it was from a linux distribution, you will need to talk to the package maintainers. Some distros package each backend separately.

Hi, mr Paul I compile the ardour source code in my xubuntu.

Maybe I compiled something wrong and that’s the problem.

Probably I’m just gonna redownload th e Ardour 5 software that is located
in the xubuntu software application. It works well. I just wanted to see if
there were new features in ardour 6.

We would prefer that you use Ardour 6.2, but that’s obviously your choice.

We can’t support self-builds or distribution provided versions, because we can’t control the build environment and build choices that are made in such cases.

Ok mr. Paul, thank you for replying me

The thing is that I’m a student so I don’t have the money to do a money
donation, that’s why I don’t buy the installation file in your site.

However, I think the price is very reasonable for the development of the
project. So keep going with it!


At least two things…

  • you didn’t do an optimized build (which is why you see the “Dummy” backend).
  • you missed some build dependencies, notably libjack-jackd2-devor libjack-dev.

Try apt-get build-dep ardour, that should get you started. Compared to Ardour5, Ardour 6 has a few more optional deps. Compare to and more importantly check the output of ./waf configure ... .

That being said, in most cases you’re better off without JACK. So unless you have a very specific need for JACK, prefer Ardour’s built-in ALSA backend.

Ok, thank you so much mr. Robin

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