Ardour doesn't open

(Kevin Sqlqzqr) #1

I downloaded ardour like two o three weeks ago and worked good without any problem. But, yesterday when i tried to open Ardour this message displays in the screen :
"Could not initialize Ardour (likely due to corrupt config files).
Run Ardour from a commandline for more information. "
Please help me, i made a donation two times for reinstalling the program and even that doesn’t work…

(Paul Davis) #2

Generally speaking, we don’t solve problems like this on our web forums. It’s very time inefficient.

Please join our IRC channel (link in the bottom left corner of this page), sometime roughly between about 10:00 European central time and about 22:00 US Eastern time, and somebody will probably be around to give you a helping hand, much more efficiently and probably more quickly than going back and forth here.

(Kevin Sqlqzqr) #3

Thank you paul!

(Paul Davis) #4

hmm, that didn’t look too productive last night.