Ardour doesn't follow jack-transport

Hi all,
I’ve just installed Ubuntu Studio 18.10 on my Acer Laptop. I have to record a Hi-Hat in H2 on an audio track in Ardour. First of all, how in previus version uf Ubuntu Studio, I started Jack, then H2 and then Ardour. I Opened the H2 song, created a new audio track named H2-track in Ardour and in jack I connected the output of H2 to the H2-track. I Armed the track and the transport in Ardour. When I press play on jack transport only H2 start the song. In other words Ardour doesn’t follow jack-transport.
I have three questions:

  1. Did It happen only to me?
  2. Where is the “internal”/“Jack master” button that was near the transport clock?
  3. Is there any workaround to bypass this bug?

Thanks a lot.


look for this button under the “!” (midi panic) button to the left of the speed control.

Thank you very much!!!