Ardour doesn't fit my screen

I’m using the latest version of Ardour on a desktop box with 1024x768 resolution. Ardour overlaps the screen horizontally. Is there anything I can do about this?

@2handband: in Preferences, change the font scaling. We don’t have control over the actual font sizes on various linux distributions, and the choices we make work on some distributions and not on others.

Tried that. The fonts get really tiny, but the window size doesn’t change. I’m using Slackware, BTW.

@2handband: a before & after screenshot would help. you should also specify what you consider the “latest Ardour” to be …

Sorry, I’m using 2.8.11. I’ll upload some screenshots this evening (gotta take the kid trick-or-treating right now).

I guess we can call this one solved… I cranked it up today and it fit just fine. ???

2handband what did you did to fit it ?? I am starting to get angry with the same problem. Ardor widow is to big for my screen (resolution: 1366x768). I use ubuntu studio and ardour 2.8.11 (revision 7387).When i push F11 track actualy fit the screen but normal maximization working wrong

Hi fkaluza,

What Paul said:

Window -> Preferences -> Misc -> Font scaling.

Decrease 10 points or so. 90 could do the trick.

Close ardour and open it again.

I’m having a similar “window doesn’t fit on the screen” problem, specifically in the “export to audio window/dialog” when I expand the “time span and channel options.” I’m using Ardour 3.5.403 on my laptop with a 1366x768 display. If I change the font scaling down to ~55 from the default 80 (now found in Preferences->GUI), the expanded window will fit but the font for the rest of the Ardour interface becomes minuscule and impractical. Not a problem with most other windows otherwise, but if I have several tracks and I want to export selectively, I can’t get to the entire list. Thanks.

@LeatusPenguin - thanks much. I guess I’ve missed the ALT + left click feature if it’s documented somewhere. I agree having separate time span and channel tabs is a worthwhile feature.