Ardour doesn't find certain Calf Plugins


There are certain Calf plugins, inserted in old sessions (Ardour 5), that Ardour 5 and 6 is not able to insert. The problem is in the unique-id of these plugins that has changed.

To solve the problem I have edited the session with a text editor and I made the following changes, for example: by

Once this change is done, Ardour will be able to load these plugins inserted into old sessions.

It doesn’t sound like this is a problem in Ardour, that is exactly what is intended to happen I think. The problem is that in upgrading the plugin Calf broke existing sessions by changing the plugin to be an entirely new plugin as far as Ardour (And any host) would be concerned.


I agree. It is not a problem of Ardour. It’s a problem of Calf Plugins. Since I updated to version 0.90.3 I get this message:

This session contains de following plugins that cannot be found on this system:
Calf Equalizer 5 Band
Calf Equalizer 8 Band
Calf Equalizer 12 Band

Those plugins will be replaced with inactive stubs.

I have opened this thread in case any user of Ardour could find this useful. Regards.

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oh, yeah I had to reinstall my OS and had the same problem after reinstalling the CALF plugins… Luckily for some of them I had the presets saved, which were working. At least some of them.
I also had the same problem with dragonfly reverb and helm…

Understood, thanks for the clarification.


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