Ardour doesn't cohabitate well will MixBus

I’ve been attempting to use Adrour and MixBus in tandem (Nutty, I know, but it’s been a gritty, eye opening experiment in understanding qjackctl’s patchbay functionality). At any rate, I’ve noticed that MixBus and Ardour get outrageously cranky when anything changes routing configuration in JACK, and one or both (MB & AD) will, more often than not, crash.

What I can’t figure out is, if it is a JACK problem, an overlapping dependency problem, a Fedora Jam problem, some or all of the above or another.

Any insight from the more Linux saavy would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


If you run Ardour and Mixbus (and Jack?) from separate console windows, you should get messages there when they crash which would help in working out what’s happening if you can then paste the errors or other messages here.

Will do…and thank you.

There is no obvious reason why they would conflict. Except the compete for resources so dropouts are more likely.

Other than that, @stephenharker advice may indeed shed some light.

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