ardour "does not remember" window size and deko in fluxbox

hi to the list,
i am using fluxbox (the newest rc) and starting ardour (0.99.3 or ardour2) the appi appears without decoration (a window border).
also, ardour does not remember the window size, so everytime an a first startup i have to “toggle deco on” and to maximize the window size.
if i try to make ardour remember this, using the “remember” funktion in the top bar, it does not works. i can have a look in the .fluxbox/apps file, there everything looks fine, but ardour always starts with this strange behaviour.

the reason why i am writing this now, is that i just readed a thread in the LAU about qjackctl, which was behaving exactly the same on my machine, but rui just wrote, that he did some minor changes, which could solve some problems in some WM, so i compiled the newest qjackctl from cvs and see - qjack works now fine in my fluxbox and appears with deco everytime.

perhaps it is possible to make some changes in cooperation with rui?

qjackctl and ardour are the only appis where i can report this behaviour.