Ardour does AudioUnits

(Paul Davis) #1

I hate to tease people when we haven't released the OS X native version yet, but I sometimes get so tired of people complaining about Ardour not supporting real plugins that I thought this screenshot might be interesting. OS X users - we promise to get this functionality into your hands just as soon as its ready to be used by almost all of you without too many annoying minor issues.

(Seablade) #2

Insert me drooling here…


(Starborn1) #3

Music is my first love. Thanks Ardour for supplying this cool and FREE software! I realy like the look of Ardour with my loved waves-plugins, hehe…
Tobi from Yoga Frankfurt

(Tknobloch) #4

Well i love this software! Ardour is well worth supporting. Thanx for this piece of art!

Josef-Tobi “EU Neuwagen” Trubenbacher