Ardour does 15th century music

I thought I’d submit something a little different.

Here we have a multitracked recording of a 15th century work. Ardour’s quick navigation features and music notation friendly timebase made cutting in to get every part perfect a breeze.

This was recorded in an acoustically dead space. The impulse response from a cathedral was imposed using brutefir connected via Jack to create the appropriate acoustic environment for this piece. The performer was able to monitor the reverberated sound over headphones while recording, thanks to the reliable low latency operation of Jack+Linux+Ardour.

As an aside, Wikipedia is currently in need of audio recordings for a great number of basic musical/sound processing subjects… If any ardour users are looking for projects to practice their skills on, you can certainly find something on Wikipedia that needs your help. Content submitted to Wikipedia must be freely licensed (GFDL, CC-BY-SA, etc) and in Ogg/Vorbis format.

I am missing brightness in your recording, it sounds a little bit dull (hopefully this is the right word, i am not a native speaker). What kind of recording equipment did you use?