Ardour demo projects


I am interested in getting hold of others’ complete ardour projects, audio files etc, in order to get a better feel for what’s possible in Ardour 2 (and later :wink: ). Perhaps then something like this could form the basis of a demonstration project which highlights the new features available in each new release,e.g. midi tracks.

Even if you have a rudimentary song with a few tracks with maybe a little automation, I love to have a look, for educational purposes only.



I have used free resources on the web to allow my students to mix songs, they don’t need to be in Ardour sessions already, just as standard WAV, AIFF, BWF, etc. files that you can easily import into Mixbus. I would suggest going this route.

I will eventually have the sessions from SFX on Tube that I can release, and I have some others that I need to rework and can release, but I personally won’t have anything I can any time soon.


Thanks for the replies, folks. LeatusPenguin, I downloaded Dick’s project for his song Witchcraft Eyes ( imports in Ardour 3 ok after telling it the audio files were in “interchange”,). As a recording newbie, I found it quite illuminating as what can be achieved. Not a bad song either.


The link up there is obsolete. I’m still looking for demo session for ardour, for practicing mixing…
And by the way, is there a forum where i can exchange tracks with others, for example a drum for a guitar track?

You may be interested in this forum for collaborating with others online:

I have a couple synth-only sessions you could play with. and

1 Like also publish their ardour-sessions and there are a couple on (search subject:“Ardour” )