Ardour cuts MIDI note on region start

Hi all,

I’ve got a MIDI region with a note event that starts right at the start of the region. Sometimes when duplicating or trimming the region, Ardour cuts off notes that start on the boundary. How do I avoid this?

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


I assume you are on A5?, can you try out the pre-release of A6 and see if it still happens there? I believe there was work done that may have addressed this.


Hi Seablade,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m using A5. I’ll give A6 a try when it’s released or if I get time to tinker on a non-work project.


Ok in the meantime, if I am understanding correctly, this is a bug in A5, that some of the work in A6 went into fixing as it had deeper implications. Again this is going off my very unreliable memory so take with a grain of salt, but I believe that is the story on this.

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