Ardour cross compiling in linux for windows

I have already compiled ardour on Ubuntu linux, but since I’m a regular user of windows I’d like to cross compile ardour for windows using mingw.
Is there any guides available? Or could any one provide some insight into this.

Thank you.

Even in the best of circumstances compiling Ardour can be tricky sometimes. Cross-compiling for windows may be one of the hardest options if not the hardest, and there are very few people that can help with that sorry.


Can you provide a reason for the difficulty in cross compiling for windows?

Cross compiling by itself is tricky sometimes. Ardour is a complex program, the two together make things fairly difficult.


On a typical linux installation getting the required prequisites is pretty easy. When I first setup an environment to compile Ardour, I ran ./waf configure then went through the output looking for all the “no” values in the various library checks. For each library “blah” that seemed relevant I just ran “dnf install blah-devel” and got the library headers installed.

On Windows you don’t have that easy package manager capability to install open source software, so you first have to find all the source code for the libraries you need, then setup the cross compile environment for those libraries and verify that you can build each library correctly, then you have to make sure your ardour build environment points to the Windows cross-built libraries correctly for the cross build (and doesn’t accidentally try to link in any native Linux libraries), then get the build and all the required libraries bundled up and moved to a Windows machine (real or VM) for testing.


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