Ardour crashing when selecting control surface

Ardour 6.8 crashes every time I try to select the option “One extender with Mackie Control” in the control surface window. “Mackie Control with one Extender” works fine as do the other options I’ve tried.
This is still happening in the latest nightly build.

OS/X 10.14
2018 Mac Mini i7 6 core.

Anyone have any ideas?

Odd, I just checked and it doesn’t crash here. Is there a crash report produced? If so, don’t sent it to Apple, but instead copy/paste the output to and file a bug report at


I’d love to do that but the “Bug Tracker” page wont let me log in or set up an account. Says “Your account may be disabled or blocked or the username/password you entered is incorrect.” Wont let me set up a new account either. Can someone reset it?

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