Ardour crashing when editing automation

Using Ardour 6.6.216 (nightly), Ardour has been crashing when trying to edit automation (pitch bend for Vitalium) in my current project.

Here is the gdb log:

Let me know if this is an issue for the bug tracker. (I thought I should check here first.)

Bugs belong in the bug tracker.

Also, that crash is occuring inside a DrumGizmo plugin in your session. That doesn’t conclusively mean that it is not Ardour’s fault, but it does make it less likely. I would try removing the plugin or making the track(s) with DrumGizmo inactive and see if that fixes the problem.

Thanks for the reply! I will submit a bug report. I tried disabling DrumGizmo, and the same problem occurred. Here is the new log: (But, again, I will submit it.)

Thanks again!

That one still shows DrumGizmo being involved.

OK, I had disabled the plugin and the track for that one. Now I’ve created a snapshot where the plugin itself was deleted. (But drumgizmo still shows up when I search this file!)

Maybe there is another instance on a hidden track? – check the mixer sidebar if any tracks or busses are hidden.

Just tripled check: all tracks are visible and there is no DG plugin at all.

OK, I’ve run the same session again (I swear it was the same!) and captured the log. Now DG does not appear in the log (and still crashed):

Any chance that you could share the session? Is it huge?

Sure! Here it is:

The snapshot SideWalk-debug is the one with no DrumGizmo.

Then I try to add an automation point for pitch bend (Bender) for the track “Mellotron MIDI” (second from the top) on the 2nd beat of bar 83 (by the “theme2” marker). (The synth for that track is Vitalium.) It crashes every time trying that.

(I have a track with “Carla Rack” running Modo Bass under Wine. But taking that out does not help either…)

I opened the same session again this morning (after shutting down the computer last night), and a few weird things happened: first, there was already an automation point (close to) the second beat of bar 83, which was not there yesterday. Second, I could add automation points there or anywhere else…

A few things that might be worth mentioning: I had had a few crashes before yesterday with this session, while editing the bender automation, but they were random. (I would say somewhere between 6 and 10 crashes before yesterday.) Yesterday I could reproduce the crash every time with the steps I gave above.

And at least twice (I think 3 times), although I had no crash, I lost a lot of the automation I had done for the pitch bend in this track. I would save and close Ardour and the next time I opened the session, the automation would be gone. Not for the whole track, but from some point (around bar 83 again) on it would be just gone, and I had to just redo it.

I will now go back to work on it and let you know if anything happens again.

OK, as soon as I switched to the original session (SideWalk, instead of SideWalk-debug), it crashed when I tried to add an automation point again.

I restarted the session and this time, before doing anything, I selected the region of automation between bar 83 and the end (for the Mellotron MIDI track) and hit delete. I can now edit it again.

I had done that with the debug session first thing this morning, but I did not save it (I’m pretty sure), and it had worked. So, I closed it without saving to see if that was what had fixed the issue. But on reopening, I could add points without deleting the region first… But maybe I had saved by simple muscle memory (of pressing Ctrl+S frequently) without realizing it.

I will keep editing and see how it goes.

As far as I know, MIDI data get written at every edit, but I may be wrong.

Last I checked, MIDI data is saved when the the session is saved, or every 2 mins when Ardour does periodic backup saves. The latter only take place when the session is not record-arm’ed.

Also at rec-stop ardour saves the session.

This point is not completely clear for me, can you expand on it?

Let’s say I do some edit on a MIDI track, wait 2 minutes (or more) and quit without saving.

What happens next?

  1. The next time I open the not-saved-session my edits will be there


  1. when I quit without saving, the MIDI data will be reverted to the point before the edit.


(1) happens. Keep in mind that MIDI editing is destructive.

I thought so, I didn’t know when was the save point. Thanks for the explanation.

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