Ardour crashes with Qmidiarp lv2

HI guys, as soon I add Qmidiarp lv2 plugin to a track, Ardour crashes. It happens with precompiled version for Opensuse but also with the demo version. Qmidiarp works standalone.
Starting Ardour from a terminal, does not give useful information.


same problem here. any news?

Not here, still unusable :frowning:

At this point the most likely cause is an issue with the plugin to be honest. The name kinda gives a clue it likely involves Qt, which is already a warning sign honestly for a plugin (Fine for standalone options). The next debugging step would be to capture a stack trace and for the developer to identify what the issue is, but I would likely suggest finding a different arpeggiator or using it standalone.

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Indeed, there is an open bug report from March 2018 with this comment from one of the developers:
“qmidiarp as an application has been using Qt ever since, so the module GUIs are also Qt.”

Someone posted a comment about a day ago indicating that the latest source still builds with shared Qt libraries, this plugin will need to use a static build so that it is fully self-contained (which will possibly make the plugin executable very large depending on how much of the Qt libraries it needs to statically link).

A plugin should not tear down the whole daw. They should be isolated/sandboxes.

Sandboxing comes at a very high cost and significantly limits the number of plugins and tracks.
For the long story and math see

Also when a plugin crashes there will be an audible artifact, so that’s game over already.