Ardour crashes with increasing frequency

Over the past few months, Ardour has been crashing with increased frequency as I edit podcasts (anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours of audio, typically only 2-3 full tracks with a couple extra seconds mixed in.)

For a couple years I didn’t have any issues, but now when I edit a podcast Ardour will crash 5-6 times in an hour. For a while I thought it only happened if I neglected to save frequently, but as I was just editing it crashed after being particularly careful many times.

I run Pop OS 20.04, and haven’t made any changes to my desktop beyond routine updates. I do have output from running Ardour with gdb when the crash occurred, although I can’t see a way to attach a txt file. If I’m supposed to just post it all in the body of the message, let me know. Any help would be appreciated!

Please file bug reports on the issue tracker ( the forum is not suitable to keep track of things.

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