Ardour crashes while applying FREEZE

If you mark 2 regions (for whatever reason) and apply freeze Ardour crashes on my Mac.

Sonoma 14.1
Ardour 8.1.108

  • 1 MIDI track open (Native Instruments FM 8)
  • 1 Audio Track open (record of track 1’s output), containing 1 recorded region and a copy of that region after Control drag
  • mark both regions - crash

Should I sent the screen capture somewhere?

It has already been reported here:
and here:

for a freeze to happen you don’t have to mark all regions in a track beforehand. There is allready an open issue about freezes causing a crash:
In my experience freezes do actually work most of the times until they don’t. I couldn’t narrow down the circumstances of failure so far.
In your specific case: Does the freeze also lead to crash when you just right click on any of the regions and call the freeze function without having both marked beforehand?

Yes it does: record audio, copy it two times, klick on the first region - bang. It does NOT happen when you only have one copy, so that seems to have something to do with it…

edit: Wrong, also crashes with only one copy, but is stable without copies. So copying regions seems to affect something…

no progress bar comes up, it crashes as soon as I release the mouse button on freeze.

That is different from the case i encountered last time. For me the process was stalling after around 90% and then crashed.

I just went back to the session where this occurred on a track with multiple regions.
Here are my findings:
The crash only happens when i am in grab or in stretch mode, i.e. when i right click with the mouse over one of those regions so that it automatically gets selected. It also does not happen when i right click over an area with no region, i.e. after the end marker.

Can you verify that?

This is fixed in the master branch, commit 2bee43fef291


In my little test scenario i can confirm it is.
Well Sir, it seems you’re eating bugs for breakfast, don’t you.

Don’t know how you have things set up, but is this already available as nightly download then?

Hi, This commit fixed this issue, thank you. But… is it intentional that freeze cannot be undone? Regards!

EDIT: Yes, there is “unfreeze” :slight_smile: thanks!

You can “unfreeze”.

We have a convention and have had a convention for many years that undo only applies to changes to the timeline. Since freeze requires altering plugin/processor state, the operation cannot be a part of the “undo” system.

Having a separate undo/redo history for signal routing/mixing/processing has been a long term goal for … a long time.

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Read my recent post, it may solve your problem, link below:

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