ardour crashes when transport changes..

i recently got a problem: ardour crashes, while i just try to change from stop to playback,
the console tells:

0079c000-0079d000 —p 0009a000 08:06 919594 /usr/lib/
0079d000-0079e000 r–p 0009a000 08:06 919594 /usr/lib/
0079e000-0079f000 rw-p 0009b000 08:06 919594 /usr/lib/
0079f000-007a0000 rw-p 00000000 00:00 0
007a0000-007e0000 r-xp 00000000 08:06 938845 /usr/lib/
007e0000-007e1000 —p 00040000 08:06 938845 /usr/lib/
007e1000-007e2000 r–p 00040000 08:06 938845 /usr/lib/

i have ardour 2.8.11 .deb from maccinis working on ubuntustudio lucid at the moment…

is this a known issue? sometimes it doesnt happen at all and then it starts crashing at that point all of a sudden…
thanks for your help!

@calimerox: … without the stuff described in that document, there is very little we can offer.

thanks paul, it s true that wasnt that precise how i described it :wink: … and actually it is gone, i untoggled everything in the sync folder and had the feeling it was gone afterwards, but thats more esoteric than veryfiable… :wink: