Ardour crashes when opening a project

ardour 7.5
I was working on a project when ardour crashed. Now when I try to open that project it just crashes before displaying anything. If I try to start it using the terminal :
(xterm -geometry 160x25 -e /opt/ARDOUR7/bin/ardour7 -anS …project_folder/project.ardour)
it displays the normal things then crashes taking the xterm with it. If there were any error messages I didn’t have time to read them.

My other projects open without any problems.

If anyone can help me debug this I’d be very happy as the project in question is over a year old and I have no idea how o recover it.

Thanks Ccee

Try adding -d to the commandline for Ardour to disable all plugins and see if it loads, if it does the problem is in a plugin.



I tried ‘-d’ but it didn’t work. It still crashes. Is there some way to activate debugging or error logging or a different way of starting ardour from the command line which would not kill the terminal?


Perhaps this is common knowledge amongst most linux users but I just learned it. By using the command ‘script’ the terminal messages can be saved.

xterm -e ‘script -c "/opt/ARDOUR7/bin/ardour7 -anS path_to_project/project.ardour " /tmp/output.log’.

when comparing a project that loads with the faulty one I find “munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer” in the faulty one.

Start the terminal first, and then run the ardour command in the already running terminal. The reason the terminal is closing is because you opened the terminal specifically to run one command with the "-e " argument.

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