Ardour crashes because ":" is in the name

Ardour crashes if I put “:” in the name. A popup comes along and says this is discouraged, and then Ardour crashes when I tell it to use the “:” anyway.


If for some reason, you just gotta forbid this, then don’t let Ardour do it. Saying “it might not be OK” is just super-annoying to the end-user, especially when it consistently crashes when Ardour ALLOWS you to do it anyway. If it’s not OK, don’t allow it. If it should be OK, then make sure the software doesn’t crash because the user did it.


Good report, Belongs in mantis, will get completely lost here. Should not be allowed anyways period as on some platforms (Windows) this will obviously cause problems.


nick_livings: whether a given character will cause problems actually can’t be fully known to us. It may depend on the specific filesystem that a session is stored on.

Note that you didn’t mention what “thing” you named. And as Seablade said, and as I’ll say many more times, bug reports on the forums will be mostly ignored. We do not track them here, and we will not track them here. This definitely belongs in mantis, with specific details.