Ardour Crashed while editing audio regions - Now project fails to load

As the title says, was editing some audio regions. spliting them and deleting bits i didnt need as i was creating samples from some recorded audio.

I think i was trying to paste some copied regions when it started to misbahave then ardour crashed.

Reloaded and recovered form crash but ardour fails to load this particular project now.

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::bad_alloc’
what(): std::bad_alloc

I’ll get a bug report up using the prefered debug method when ive got more time tomorrow.

Any ideas how to fix the project so i can get it to load

we need to know why it breaks, so fire up the debug version (I believe you know how to do this), and at the gdb) prompt, type catch throw then press return. Then type run and ardour will start up. You will end up back at thegdb) prompt. Type bt.

It will be more productive to do this on IRC. I will be around, as “las”, from about 10:00 GMT-5 (US Eastern).

I’ll pop onto IRC later. Looks a bit different to the last time i ran the debug.

Thanks paul.