Ardour crashed when opening session from open session

I just observed Ardour 2 (8011) crash when I attempted to open a session from an already-open session. In addition. JACK froze up and I had to kill that manually, too, before I could start both JACK and Ardour again.




@audiodef: in general, opening a 2nd session in ardour 2.X is always going to be buggy. Its a much better idea to simply quit and restart with the new session. This has been fixed (almost entirely) in ardour 3. There are no plans to ever fix this issue in 2.X because its simply too deeply embedded in the software.

That works for me. I had made up my mind to simply quit and re-start Ardour anyway.

Kind of curious that a file open operation crashes, though…

Why not remove the option from the menus, then?