Ardour crash when using calf plugins

I recently started recording some songs with my band. I use ubuntu studio 12.10 and Ardour 3.1
Everything worked better than I thought they would couse i have never recorded with a band before, but we got all tracks recorded for the first song without any problems.
Then the mixing also went smooth until we where almost done…
First the sound suddenly disappeared on all tracks, but if i solo for example the guitars I get sound. And the DSP load in ardour was nearly at 100%, but now it can vary betveen 10 and 80%. Oh and I only use Calf plugins (the most recent ones) about 3 plugins per track(15 tracks)
If I mute all plugins… sound. Then I can bring back one at a time to about half of them… no sound.
And if I open one plugin sometimes it works and sometimes ardour just quits without any errors. I don’t know if it’s just me but Calf reverb, compressor and eq seem to fail the most.
Sorry for the bad explanation but here is a video where i try to show it:

Its only on this session so far the sound has gone like that and I dont know what to do.
I’m kinda new to this stuff so I don’t really know what to do. Sorry for my bad english.

If this involves the Ubuntu Studio version of Ardour, instead of the download from, then you should dump the package you got from Ubuntu Studio and use the one instead.

There are several known crashes with Calf (and other) plugins. In general, there is nothing to be done in Ardour about this, which is unfortunate.

Interesting that this is apparently at least a 4 year old problem that still exists…

Uninstalling the calf-ladspa as suggested here: did the trick for me.

@Spiff the Spacement

Yes it stems from how Linux operates. DIstributions compile and package software but don’t always keep it up to date, especially when newer versions of that distro hit that use different repos, so even old bugs can stay around for a long time for many users sadly. This is part of why Ardour ships it’s own binary on the website for people that donate in order to avoid this for many people, but distributions focused on AV (AVLinux and KXStudio for instance) tend to be better about how they package and distribute software so people using those distros have less issues, though the only officially supported package is still the one from this site.


I use to use Ardour 5 (binary from Ardour website) with a Calf 5 band parametric EQ on a system called LibraZiK studio ( ) which is based on Debian 8.

I use this for professional radio work and my experience is very good (in general more stable than KXStudio 12.04 and much more stable than AVLinux, let alone UbuntuStudio 16.04). :slight_smile: