Ardour crash after export/stems or single waveform


  • ardour crash after export/stems or single waveform
  • also after I restart whole system and listen to saved file there is no post effect in waveform file

is anyone who can help solve this problem ?
using mx linux and installed ardour from synaptic package manager but when installed from flatpak even ardour cannot start (have a message when trying to run “cannot connect to jack” when jack is on by cadence or qjackctl)

How decide to buy Ardour or subscribe if there so many problems to solve ?

We don’t provide support for Linux distro builds of Ardour.

There’s a free/demo copy at Get Ardour | ardour which you cna install in parallel with the version you already have, to check if these problems occur with the version we build for you.

Yes, installed your version and still same problems…after export all freezing Ardour+jack and after restart system there is file/stem but no post effects…Tryied all Bridge Types in Cadence and qjackctl only and same situasion.

Try the ALSA backend in Ardour. When exporting Ardour uses what is known as freewheel mode, meaning it processes as fast as possible, not strictly timed. In the past there were some jackd versions which had problems with that. Also some bridges to other audio servers, such as PulseAudio bridge, do not run properly in freewheel. Using the ALSA backend avoids all those problems.

Bridge? Do you mean like a pulse-jack bridge? The pulse to jack (jack to pulse too) Will cause this kind of crash if pulse can see any (even unused) audio device. This is a known bug in the experimental… never to be finished jack-pulse bridge that will not properly deal with free wheel mode. This will never be fixed as the linux world is heading for pipewire and has given up on pulseaudio. The easiest path as mentioned above is to run Ardour with the ALSA backend while exporting.

Another option is to:
pactl unload-module module-jackdbus-detect
before exporting and then after:
pactl load-module module-jackdbus-detect

Yet another option:
pactl unload-module module-udev-detect
pactl unload-module module-alsa-card

One has to remember that pulseaudio was not designed for even semiprofessional audio work. It was rather designed to make getting desktop audio easy, even on a system that has no business doing audio.

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in qjackctl or cadence I’m changed in settings periods/buffer size to 3 (default I think is 2) and Ardour exporting normal without crashing/freezing whole system…but in export tab to hear post fx in tab channels clicked “post…” and adding now all effects to stems. So main problem was with usb buffer size. My interface driver on windows (u22 xt from esi) default settings are with 3 or 4 buffer size so propably that’s why was crashing so many times. When change again to 2 or 1 still crashing and making xruns so quick but when change to 3 or 4 everything is fine. Running normal ardour with Jack.

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