Ardour could not start JACK...


I’ve just today installed the latest version of Ardour GTK2 and I started the Programm. It asked me to start a new Session.
Then the following error occurred:

Ardour could not find JACK!

There are several possible reasons:

  1. You requested audio parameters that are not supported…
  2. JACK is running as another user.

I don’t really know what to do, I’ve running qjackctrl and the audio parameters look quite ok, though…

Can someone help me please?


Do you start JACK (qjackctl) and then ardour both as you user?
If you start ardour without previously have launched qjackctl (bad idea imho), you need to configure the jack setup from ardour (the third tab) but you have to tweak it again to get a working audio setup.

ok thank you, it worked… :slight_smile: