Ardour continuity

Does Ardour have continuity? For example, in a few years, will the project be finished?

No complicated piece of software is ever finished.


There is not a fixed set of features, so the project is never finished.

Since the target is moving target, it can never be reached.
e.g. Steinberg published VST3 plugin spec, Apple moved to M1 processors, users buy 4k screens, … Ardour needs to be updated to support those.


I’d say, it doesn’t even need to be complicated :wink:

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Out of curiosity: Why do you ask?

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I think there is a little bit of a misunderstanding here.

I believe the question was about continuity of the project:

Not ardour being finished like a homework assignment, but ardour being finished like a mortal combat character (dead).

Are there enough new (young) developers, did you think about the “bus factor”… stuff like that.

…or, will it be purchased by Muse Group?

Ardour’s still under active development, adding new features every release, so definitely not finished like MK.

That joke is almost not funny @marrs … it hurts my brain to see where Audacity is going. Glad I do all my audio editing with Ardour.


sorry, couldn’t resist! But don’t worry, Audacity will live on under some new moniker. Free software projects always do.


There’s currently a bus factor of around 3, also has some interest in continuing the project and just hired a new contract worker to contribute to Ardour development.

If all goes well, at least @paul and me plan to keep working past retirement on the project, there are also regular contributions from a wider circle of devs, not to mention countless drive-by commits are sent via pull-requests.

Anyway, it’s impossible to predict. Perhaps the singularity will happen and we’ll share music without the need of DAWs :slight_smile: We’re probably safe for at least the the next 5 years though.

Not sure if you were joking, but for as long as Paul and I work on the project there won’t be a commercial-license of the GPL’ed code for sale. Also given the number of (C) holders in the source it’s unlikely to get consent from all.

Keep in mind that there have been various successful collaborations and cooperations with commercial vendors in the past and also some ongoing ones.


Hopefully everything will continue the same for a really long time to come. Personally, I use Mixbus 32c software and I’ve sometimes wondered if the money goes through it to the development of Ardour as well.

I was :slight_smile:

In other news, this post must be at least 20 characters long. Gotta love Discourse.

It was :frowning:

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