Ardour Cloud

Has Ardour in the cloud, running it in a web browser, gotten any thought?

Also, having sessions sync’ed to cloud accounts so that you can open them from different computers and only cache what you need to play

Cloud: Not part of our plans or vision.

Sync: some ideas, some people have played with various ideas. No active development on this.

It’s a service I would gladly pay for, to have cloud access to all my sessions and being able to sync to different instances of ardour;)

jhunterwu, there are a lot of possibilities with that, each with their own technical hurdles. In my magic world of unicorns and mermaids, I could remotely work with somebody else on an ardour project. If two collaborators were to modify the project at different times, each would see the other’s changes the next time they load the project. More interesting though would be if both were to work concurrently, and see each other’s edits, new regions, and such more or less in real time.

Of course it would be an enormous undertaking to modify ardour to support such a workflow, but it would certainly burst the boundaries of what is possible with any current DAW, unless I grossly underestimate the capabilities of competing products.

A few users have experimented with using git for this. It works somewhat well, because the binary blobs (audio files) never change once added. Git is insanely powerful, but is oriented towards programmers, not musicians and audio engineers.