Ardour channel vu meter -18db

Is ardours vu meter on tracks able to be set to -18db scale, I’m in the settings but I don’t see any that way -18

If you literally mean VU (not the digial peak meter) then there are only four valid options which can be configured in Preferences >Metering:

  • 0VU = -2dBu (France)
  • 0VU = 0dBu (North America, Australia)
  • 0VU = +4dBu (standard - IEC 60268-17, ASA C16-5-1942)
  • 0VU = +8dBu

this assumes your soundcard is calibrated so that 0dBu aligns to -18dBFS.

I have plugins that are vu meters and I am able to set it to -18 scale but I was wondering if ardours track vu meter was able to do the same.

Then they’re not VU meters (at least not per spec) – When I read -18, it’ll mean something different compared to your reading -18 and the whole meter is pointless. The key point of measuring something is to be able to meaningfully compare readings.

So which setting should i choose to get the -18 scale at 0 on the vu meter settings for channels on ardour

In the preferences pick “0VU = 0dBu (North America, Australia)”

with 0dBu aligned to -18dBFS that puts the VU’s zero to -18dBFS.

You may find the the following overview handy (that shows 0VU = +4dBU = -14dBFS as per IEC spec), so in your case the VU meter is shifted down by 4dB compared to this overview:

I probably know the ones you are talking about and how they allow for adjustable reference level. It sounds like that in your case given you want the meters calibrated to -18dbFS you are all set given the Ardour 0VU = 0dBu VU metering assumes your soundcard is calibrated to -18dBFS.

This from the Ardour manual:

@x42 can correct me if I’m wrong but the VU meter displayed at the right end of the diagram above must be the standard 0VU = +4dBu version.

As suggested , pick the 0VU = 0dBu and you will be good!

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That is correct. Thanks for referencing that screenshot.

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