Ardour changes JACK connections?

I have installed Ubuntu Studio on brand new hardware.
If I start JACK through QjackCtl, and opens the connections window, it shows me a system node, and 8 Input and 8 Output connections, and sound does not work…
If I start Ardour, the conections-window in QjackCtl shows Ardour, and then only 2 inputs and 2 outputs, and sound works fine.
In other words, I can only make JACK work when I have Ardour running.
Does anyone know what Ardour does to JACK?
Kind regards
Anders Winthereik

I’m guessing when you start Ardour you haven’t started jack using qjackctl but let Ardout do it, right?
You probably have some weird setting in qjackctl. Try removing your ~/.jackdrc and see if things work better.