Ardour cant use qmidinet-input


I’ve got a little problem. I’ve connected Ardour-Midi to a Remote-Server which is linked to a Yamaha O3D Mixer. Ardour sends Midi, so that I’m able to control my Yamaha over WiFi (qmidinet). The Yamaha also sends Midi-messages to Ardour. In Ardour I can see the correct midi-signals, but no Fader can use it.

If I connect Ardour directly to the Yamaha. All the Faders in Ardour work together with the Motorfaders from my Yamaha.

I dont know how to solve the problem. :slight_smile:


You haven’t really specified a problem other than “In Ardour I can see the correct midi-signals, but no Fader can use it” which seems extremely different from “Ardour cant use qmidinet-input”.

OK, so your mixer responds to MIDI commands when connected directly to Ardour, but not when the MIDI commands are sent through qmidinet?

If that’s the case, have you successfully used your mixer with qmidinet using other programs?

I want to control my Yamaha trough a wifi-connection. So ardour sends the correct midi controller-change commands over qmidinet. A server recieves the signal from qmidinet and route it to a hardware-midi-interface. It works good. The Yamaha is able to use the midi-signals. Now the Yamaha send the hole signal back. Trough the server and qmidinet. On the notebook, qmidinet recieves the correct midi-signals and JACK connects qmidinet and ardour. But now Ardour doesnt respond to the midi-signals.

audiodef-----> I’ve tested qmidictl with a N900, and it works perfect trough qmidinet.

Sorry, my English isn’t very well :slight_smile: So its a bit hard
to explain the problem. Thank you for the replies.


You haven’t described how you connected Ardour, or how you configured Ardour’s control surface support …