Ardour cannot connect to audio/midi engine

My friend recorded a music project with Ardour 8.1 under Windows (RME interface) and now I’m trying to open this file on my Linux Ardour (Behringer interface) with Jack to continue working on it. But my Ardour 8.1 cannot connect to my audio/MIDI engine and refuses to start with following message: “Engine I/O device has changed since you last opened this session. Please verify that the new device has enough ports, or you may lose some i/o connections.”

What can I do?

Thank you in advance

It will open the project, but you may have to re-connect some inputs and outputs, depending on the capabilities of your sounds interface.

Hello Martin Vlk,

no, it does not: "Session “/home/Juergen/Desktop/Lives-A/Lives-4A (snapshot Lives-4A)” did not load successfully:
Cannot initialize session/engine: Port registration failed.

—ERROR: unable to create port 'Cl-A51-Str/audio_in 1': failed constructor
ERROR: Patch without patch name list - patchfile will be ignored"

I cannot re-connect to my interface. Ardour crashes immediately when I try.

It was because I had Jack on at the same time before starting Ardour - so Ardour probably gets confused. With all other Linux music programs you need Jack, but with Ardour Jack is probably started straight away without the Jack frontend appearing.

Thank you Dravion!

Topic solved! :+1:

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