ardour built with fst support now??

Fst now it is build with the vestige header. no need for the vst wrapper.
get it via git: git clone git://

Will distributions include ardour with direct vst support under GPL License now?

more work is required within ardour to get the benefits of torben’s recent work on FST.

but yes, it will now be possible to distribute binaries of ardour with VST support in the near future.


This is a very promising development, however Wine is also part of the equation beyond the fst/Ardour devs and currently versions beyond 0.9.52 don’t nest VST Windows properly. Bug reports to Wine devs about this issue would be helpful and perhaps bring VST support to Ardour without too many strings attached.


Is this going to mean VST Support in Ardour 3 will get beyond the current “Bastard Stepchild” status that ArdourVST currently enjoys? Projects like Calf are exciting and promising but Linux plugins are not offering much more than they did 3 or 4 years ago, now that the legal encumbrances are a thing of the past it’d be nice to openly embrace such a great and varied plugin source, plus having to build Ardour from source is a major buzzkill and showstopper for new users, as I’m sure you are well aware.

As a dedicated user and small-time distributor of Ardour I would respectfully ask that the new VST support gets due attention in Ardour3 development.


Hi Paul,
will this be possible to realize on x86_64 systems, too?