Ardour bjorks on xruns

Ardour seems to bjork on xruns. I get them rarely, but when it happens, Ardour tends to just quit or hang. Is there some setting somewhere that will make Ardour more forgiving of xruns?

Actually, having noticed a pattern after making my initial post, I have described the situation incorrectly. Ardour appears to create xruns when combining regions or moving regions from one track to another, stack-layered track. Not always, but frequently.

In general, xruns are a property of your system. Ardour can’t do much about it.

This sounds more like a bug in ardour possibly.

anytime ardour has crashed on me it has caused a short burst of x runs which is more of a byproduct of the crash. the x-runs are not casuing the crash.

You might want to file a bug report on mantis along with debugging information .

x-runs occur when JACK or JACK clients or the kernel fail to keep up with the audio interface/hardware. If you have a system that generally does not have problems with this, but there are specific operations in a particular application that cause them, then there is some chance that it is the application’s fault. however, if these same operations do not cause xruns on other people’s systems, then it is much more likely that it is your system and not the application that is to blame.

OK, let me try again. I noticed some stuff, responded to that in my OP, and noticed more accurately later what was really happening, which is this:

First, forget the xruns. That isn’t the real issue, after all.

Ardour sometimes crashed when I tried to move a region from one track to another, or when I tried to combine two regions. It was very obviously related to these events, and it happened several times. Region move - crash. Combine - crash.

But I just updated my version of Ardour, so I will see if that continues to happen. It was a big version jump, so it’s probably fine at this point. Thanks for responding, though.

I noticed this, too. If I put a lot of tracks on solo and then use the blinking red solo button at the top of the screen, Ardour will crash.