Ardour Audio Routing!

Good day everybody,

I recorded a piece of music with Ardor using 10 inputs so that there are 10 recording tracks in one audio track and I used a BUS track as a MONO loop-through.

I have the feeling that all 10 channels are expanded by the 2 MstereoExpander plug-ins from Meldaproduktion.

What do you think?


Looking at

You have recorded the same two inputs (1,2) five times each. That doesn’t make sense. You really want a stereo-track, or two mono tracks.

To recover, you have 2 options:

  • Create a stereo track and drag/drop the region there (Ardour will ignore the additional channels)


  • Create a stereo-track (or 2 mono-tracks) and bounce the first 2 channels of the current 10 channel track there. – You will have to bypass the panner, and then only connect the first two ports to the new track(s).

You have channels from the 10-channel track assigned to the master bus, and to the mono bus, and the mono bus stereo panner outputs assigned to the master bus.
What on earth are you attempting to do? Those connections don’t make sense at all for any realistic recording project.

Hello Robin,
Hello Chris,

Thank you for your quick support.

Have you ever tried giving your favorite song from a CD a completely new sound experience? You record your favorite song from CD again and improve the sound.

What I like about Ardour is that I can completely define the routing myself. With the help of additional plug-ins, I can make a few targeted changes that the ear perceives particularly pleasantly. You have to try that. A 10-channel audio recording plays a major role here. In addition, certain plug-ins such as the Stereo Expander and the Stereo Processor from Meldaproduction effectively expand the 10-channel routing.

Take a close look at both images again. Reproduce it on your computer. Take your time. Compare the original with the post-processed sound and tell me what the difference is between the original and the post-processed sound. Just let your ears decide. Plays something with the surround panel. The sound “Conquest of Paradise” is a good example.


The stereo plugin is replicated. So the signal after the plugin is identical for channels 1,3,5,7,9 and 2,4,6,8,10.

The VBAP panner with height then does pairwise combinations, which result in a comb-filter effect, similar to You should not need a 10 channel track to get an identical result.

If you want to toy around with routing and effects, and do some sound re-design and remix, that is indeed a valid case.
I expect that rotating the panner will produce some interesting sound experience for sure!

Have fun!

Thanks for the quick help! I’ll do some experimenting with that.

I also like to mess around with location shifting. Have you tried

I just noticed Robin says they don’t have linux version, but they do. Zam Audio has very, very nice plugins. I just got their latest. It’s about 20 bucks American - their prices are Aussie.

Since Blue-Lab only offers Windows and Mac versions and in case you are running GNU/Linux, @zamaudio also provides a HRTF plugin called “ZamHead” (packaged on most distros with zam-plugins). Upstream provides binaries: zam-plugins –


I work with Windows and Linux and really appreciate cross-platform software because you don’t have to learn new things first.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll take a closer look at the ZamAudio plugins.