Ardour assigning new track inputs

For recording, I use an audio interface with 4 inputs.
When creating new tracks, Ardour assigns to each new track an input of the interface in SEQUENTIAL way (input 1, input2, input3, input4, input1, input2, input3, input4, input1…).
This is very convenient if you use all 4 inputs all the time, but very inconvenient if you only use, for example, 3 inputs, as you have to manually reassign the inputs of each new track.

Would it be possible for Ardour to assign the inputs to the new tracks ALWAYS starting with input1?
Let me explain with an example: we have 3 microphones connected to input1, input2 and input3, and we create 3 new tracks → Ardour assigns input1 to the first track, input2 to the second track and input3 to the third track. We create another 3 new tracks → Ardour assigns input1,input2 and input3 to the new tracks. We create another 3 new tracks → Ardour assigns input1, input2 and input3 to the new tracks, etc…
I don’t know if this option exists. I’ve looked in the manual and I haven’t seen anything about it. I’ve looked in the program options and I haven’t found anything about it either.

Ardour 6.9.0
"After Bach
(rev 6.9)
Intel 64-bit

The Audio/MIDI setup page will let you set a maximum number of channels to use for input & output. If you set the input count to 3, you should get what you want. Be warned: this is very rarely used by anyone (we’ve even considered removing or hiding it), and so it may not work as intended.

It’s already gone for upcoming Ardour 7.

First of all, Paul and Robin, thank you for replying.

I never noticed this feature before.
I’ve been testing and it’s not what I’m looking for.

The point is not to limit the maximum number of interface inputs, but to have the option for Ardour to assign inputs from input1 to new tracks.

Let’s say I’m going to record a project with an 8-input interface.
I record the drums, maybe I use all 8 inputs. As these are the first 8 tracks I am going to record, Ardour automatically assigns the 8 inputs to the 8 tracks sequentially. All OK.
Then I record the bass. Maybe I use one input for DI and 4 mics on the amp/room. As when recording the drums we use all 8 tracks, Ardour assigns to these 5 tracks the input1 to input5. All OK too.
Now I’m going to record a guitar layer. I might use one track for the DI signal and another 4 tracks with microphones in the amp/room. In this case Ardour would assign input6 to input2 to these tracks, and I would have to manually reassign the inputs (input1 to input5)… and so on.

This is what I mean by the “awkwardness” of Ardour sequentially assigning the inputs to the new tracks.

The question I am asking is whether it would be possible to choose whether Ardour automatically assigns the inputs to the new tracks sequentially, or whether you could choose to have Ardour assign the inputs to the new tracks from input1 (for example).

I don’t know if I have explained myself well, as I am not a native English speaker

So far there is only the option to disable auto-connection in Preferences > Signal Flow > Connect track inputs.

As a feature request, an advanced option would be to pick channel(s) that are used for auto-connect. If there’s only 1 then always use that, otherwise also use those in a round-robin fashion. This is however complicated since you can change the soundcard.

Right now the most convenient is to use the “Recorder” window. The “+” button directly creates a new (mono) track and assigns it to the a given input.

Ah, OK, thanks!
I’ve tried it, and this is enough for me!

I’m recording a project and I was finding it very irritating to have to constantly correct the track inputs! (it’s frustrating when you do a take and on the track you thought you were recording, say, mic “A”, you’ve actually recorded mic “C” because you didn’t realise it had another input assigned to it) :person_facepalming: :sweat_smile:

As far as I’m concerned, issue solved! :blush:

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