Ardour as vu meter/peakmeter bridge for analog consoles?

Hi there.

I need a 24 channel meterbridge for my analog desk.
I want to install 3 TFT monitors over 24 analog channels in the desk… so the vu meter per channel needs to be adjusted in width so that the meter is more or less exactly at the same place where the channel is. And it should run with cubase or nuendo.

Is that possible?
I’d seen vu meter software “spectre” for example and “wormhole” plugins which can grab the signals from a source and send it to another computer.

Does the company “harrison” uses ardour, too? They have a very, very nice metering… even with wavform preview! :slight_smile:

Is that possible?



If your specification requires cubase or nuendo you can forget about Ardour. It’s only for Linux and OSX.

Or are you here only to advertise Harrison…?

Anyway, if you have some hardware to waste you could set up another computer with linux using jack-meterbridge ( )

The mixing desk iam using is from 1978… I don’t think that the guys from harrison will help me with their ardour-version. So I have to do it myselfs.
I’ll try jack… thanks robsch! A second linux computer is just what i want.
Only the vu meter’s don’t look that nice compared to windows stuff…

Another idea is to use a program called “spectre” with a wormhole plugin (like jack) over ethernet on a second apple computer.
Because ssl and harrison seem to like ardour… i just thought that this may be a good option.