Ardour Ardour 3.5.380 - Midi from Alesis DM10


I have a MIDI file produced by an Alesis DM10 drum kit.
I’m trying to clean up a bit of timing issues before sending the file on to the mixer, who has Addictive Drums 2, among other programs to apply kit sounds.
Right now I just have a piano assigned to the file, so I can hear the notes, but I’m wondering if there is some plugin or such that is mapped closely enough to an Alesis DM10 that it will make my job a little easier.
Again, I don’t need this app or plugin to create my final audio - just to help me monitor what I’m doing audibly.

Thank you.

Hi, is upgrading painless? I need to do this work today.
The kit is not mine and not here. I have the midi file and Ardour is the only DAW I have experience with.

Oh - additional question: there is this one note that appears to be controller info. It’s a long note, then three short notes, repeated the entire project, perfectly in time with the metronome. It is in the midst of played notes, i.e. it’s in the way for batch quantizing I want to do in some spots.
Is it ok to get rid of it? If not, maybe slide it all down to a note out of the way, then put it back when I’m done?

Thank you.

When you download Ardour from, it does not overwrite, remove or prevent the use of previously installed versions. If you use Ardour from a Linux repository, then you are stuck - they package things so that you can only have one version at a time, in general.

Alrighty. I’m in Ardour 4. Any thoughts on a drum app that maps to the Alesis DM10?

Things look good, except I can’t figure out how to get in to draw notes mode. Used to be I’d double-click on a region and it would go in to draw mode. Now Ardour 4 just brings up a properties window for the region. I’ve searched the manual. Please advise.

By draw notes mode, I mean where I can adjust midi notes. Not just add new ones. Right now I can only adjust the whole region.

I think I found it. Internal edit mode button?

A4 is sooo much more stable for editing MIDI. I keep expecting that old time sequence error…

can we have drum mapping for DDRUM4SE ?
best regards